About Us

We are specialised in etching and printing on all types of glassware, polycarbonate drinkware, growlers, squealers, coffee cups, wine and spirit bottles. We look after a whole variety of clientele, including breweries, restaurants, festival organisers, advertising agencies, spirit distilleries, wine distributors, wineries, and other large beverage companies.
We use a variety of printing styles, offering from a single colour to multicolour printing.
Using high quality oven cured inks, our prints are dishwasher safe and chemical resistant.
Our prices are very competitive to the market with top quality service. We can organise pickup and delivery services to and from the workplace. Print A Glass also imports and supplies the glassware for our customer’s needs. We are licenced for Weights & Measures certifications on products so we can print or laser nucleate certifications for alcoholic beverage measures for use for trade. Being an APPA Member, working with the top marketing agencies in Australia we also have large experience developing and supplying promotional items.